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Diana Chan April 19, 2016 Bubble Tea, Kerrisdale, Taiwanese, Three Beakers


Bubble Waffle Cafe has their newest location in Kerrisdale. They serve popular street food snacks such as curry fish balls, egg waffles, stinky tofu, and fish soup noodles.

I was invited by ChineseBites to check out a few items on the menu.


This location has a decent amount of seating. Most people come here to grab a bowl of noodles and some bubble tea.


Due to their location, you’ll notice the prices are slightly higher than the other locations in the Lower Mainland. Either way, it’s still quite affordable.


Cheesecake Bubble Waffle was ok, but it was a bit sweet. I would stick with the original. Can’t go wrong with the classics.


Matcha Bubble Waffle had a nice crunchy exterior with pillowy soft bubbles. I found the matcha very very subtle, barely noticeable.


Cinnamon Bubble Waffle wasn’t very good at all. It was just overpowering and people should just stick with the classic original bubble waffle.


Taiwan Sausage comes with 2 pieces on skewers. It was ok, but I didn’t find anything special about it.


Fish Sui Mai has 6 pieces in an order. The texture was bouncy and lacked much flavour. It was mostly the sauce that added the extra flavour.


Stinky Tofu isn’t for everyone due to its smell. It’s a deep fried tofu square topped with the fermented sauce.


Takoyaki comes with 6 pieces and is topped with bonito flakes. Delicious and you can’t go wrong with takoyaki. Inside you will find a little piece of octopus.


Chicken Nuggets was a good choice too. Deep fried chicken nuggets with salt and pepper is always a hit.


Fried Shrimp Ball was ok, but since it doesn’t have any sauce to go with it, I felt like something was missing.


Milk Tea is a classic item to order. I thought it was a tad sweet for regular sweetness, so next time I would do half sweet.


You can create your own bowl of noodles with any combination of soup base, noodles, and toppings.

I went with the Preserved Egg Fish soup with udon, sliced beef brisket, fish tofu, fish puff, and more preserved egg.


The udon noodles was slightly thinner, but it was good. I quite liked the broth as it was pretty unique. I have a secret obsession for preserved egg. Even though it looks weird, I really love it.


Another popular option was the laksa soup base.


Overall, I found the food to be ok. The noodle soups were good and they have a wide range of broths which is nice. The flavoured bubble waffles were totally a miss. You just can’t beat original.

We Rate Bubble Waffle Cafe3rated

2279 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver


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