Kee Tsui Cake Shop 奇趣餅家: Traditional Chinese Bakery

Diana Chan November 22, 2012 Bakery, Chinese, Four Beakers, Mong Kok

Kee Tsui Cake Shop is located on Fa Yuen Street. They are not any regular cake shop, they specialize in traditional Chinese pastries and cakes. It is family owned and has stayed that way that way.

They have gotten rave reviews from locals and tourists. Also, they won the Best Restaurant Awards in 2012 from Open Rice.

The shop is small and has tons of different baked goods.

A lot of the items created here give people a nostalgic feeling that brings them back to their childhood.

There aren’t too many traditional Chinese bakeries left since not that many people specialize in it anymore. By far, this is the best place to get these items.

We got a bunch of items to bring back home.

Called cows ears but I assure you the ingredients don’t include the ears of cows.

Egg Tarts

Little Chicken biscuits (Gai Jai Beng) that are savoury and chewy . It’s traditional and is often reminiscent of older style snacks that we don’t often see much of anymore.

Sweetheart Cakes (lo por beng)

Glutinous rice cakes with red bean filling (siu beng)

Guong Soo Beng is a traditional snack that goes back about 300 years. It’s like a dry biscuit. They have it in a smaller version, or the large version below.

Overall, this place is great if you grew up with these items as a kid. Probably would make gifts for the grandparents too. My grandpa said eating these items from Kee Tsui Cake Shop really reminded him of his childhood.

We even went in the typhoon to visit the shop.

We Rate Kee Tsui Cake Shop:

135 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok

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