Kangaroo Creek Farm: Best Attraction for Kids in Lake Country, BC

Diana Chan October 4, 2015 Kelowna, Lake Country, travel


Kangaroo Creek Farm in Lake Country is close to Kelowna and its’s a must for families visiting the Okanagan. It costs $5 per person or $20 for a family of 5. They only accept cash, so remember to visit the bank before you arrive.

I was drawn to visit this farm during my road trip across BC since when do you see kangaroos in BC? No need to visit Australia or go to a zoo.


You can park on the street outside of the farm, but not parking inside. There are limited parking spots, so make sure you come early or somehow avoid the rush.


There are 2 areas of the farm. One area on the right with the kangaroos and other animals, and on the left are sugar gliders, wallabys, emus, pigs, etc. You have to visit both areas when you’re here.


We came on a weekday, so it wasn’t too busy. It was mostly tourists and local school kids on a field trip. Not too crowded. Still plenty of room to play with the kangaroos and other critters.



You can go up to the volunteers with yellow baskets and ask for food to feed all the animals. There is also a joey holding area. Cradling the little kangaroos are pretty awesome since they are very tame and calm.


There are good amounts of kangaroos here and they are friendly. You must pet them on the back rather than the front or else they get a little feisty.


There is one little guy who is quite unique. An albino wallaby named Irwin.




The little goats are pretty cute. You can’t help but stare into their oddly shaped eyes.


Kids love them.


Even M loved feeding the goats leaves.


Baby ducks! So cute and small. I was so afraid I would step on this little guy.


Capybara is a largest type of rodent in the world. When we were there, this fella didn’t really do much. I think he was just enjoying the sun too much.


Chicken! I’m always amazed how all these animals can roam around the farm without getting into fights.


This is the other side of the farm. It’s not connected to the area of kangaroos. You will see more wallaby’s, emus, pigs and sugar gliders.


Ducks are near the little pond. They were so vocal when we were there. Not quite sure what they were squawking about. Maybe they wanted more food.


I have no idea what animal this is. Its like a rabbit  but its not.


Emu! There’s a few of them around the farm. Cute but I was kinda afraid to approach them.


Sugar Gliders are pretty cute! You can feed them bananas as they cling onto your arms. Very soft too.


Overall, it was a great attraction for adults and kids. M and I spent about 45 minutes here since we went around to all the animals, fed and petted them. Also, lining up to hold the baby kangaroos.

The price was only $5 and its a lot cheaper than going to a zoo. You can get up close and personal with all the animals.


3193 Hill Rd, Lake Country, BC V4V 1T7


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