Kai Coffee Hawaii: Artisan Hawaiian coffee in Waikiki

Diana Chan April 28, 2018 Cafe, Four Beakers, Hawaii

Kai Coffee Hawaii has locations in Oahu – Downtown and Waikiki. We came here as it was recommended for good local coffee. We went to the Waikiki location inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel. We were up early and needed a kick of caffeine before starting the day.

In the morning there was a constant line but didn’t take too long. There are a few seats in the shop and then a few more tables outside.

What I like about this location is that there is an indoor waterfall which makes the atmosphere serene.


Piccolo is a latte popular in Sydney Australia, which is an espresso shot topped with steamed milk. This is essentially a mini latte. It was strong but delicious.

Kona Extra Fancy Pour Over

My friend got their Kona Extra Fancy as a pour over. It takes a little longer to make, but it is worth it to make the fruit and chocolate aromas shine. I tried a bit and I usually don’t like black coffee, but it the acidity is very well balanced so it goes down smooth.

They sell the beans in stores too, but since it is 100% pure Kona coffee beans, it is a bit pricey. Then again, it is locally grown, harvested and roasted so you are paying more for those qualities.

Final Thoughts

Kai Coffee is a great stop in the morning and I liked the variety of coffees they offer rather than just the handful of typical drinks. I loved hearing the sounds of the artificial waterfall hitting water as we enjoyed our coffees.

We rate Kai Coffee Hawaii

2424 Kalakaua Ave #129, Honolulu, HI


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