Kabsa House: Middle Eastern Cuisine in Downtown Vancouver

Diana Chan November 18, 2018 Middle Eastern, Robson Street/West End

Kabsa House is located on Robson Street on the 2nd floor specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine. We were invited to check out a few of their dishes on their menu.


The interior has a lot of natural light during the day and over looks a busy area of Robson Street. You can make reservations for small to large groups.

For really large private parties, they can seat up to 80 guests.



Taboula is a salad made of finely chopped mixed vegetables. You will find a lot of parsley with tomatoes, onions, bulgar and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

It’s not for everyone and you will need to like parsley in order to enjoy this salad.


Molokhia is an Egyptian spinach stew served with pita bread. You dip it in and enjoy the flavours. From the first few bites, it has a mouthfeel similar to Okra. Unique dish that you don’t see too much at Middle Eastern restaurants.

Kabab & chicken

This entree comes with a skewer of grilled marinated boneless chicken and a skewer of ground lamb and beef. It is usually served with a house salad, rice and grilled tomato. You can of course customize the sides. We got half & half bukhari & saffron rice. We also upgraded our salad to a Greek salad for an extra charge.

The skewers of meat were really good. Bukhari rice is seasoned and more tasty than the saffron rice, but both are fresh, soft, and moist.

Lamb Awsal

You get two skeweres of grilled marinated boneless lamb served with house salad and grilled tomato. We also made the customization to the rice and salad. The lamb was well seasoned and moist.  We like it the best out of the ground beef/lamb and chicken. Cooked perfectly too.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to have more diversity of cuisine on Robson Street and Kabsa House located close to the bus and Skytrain routes. They have a good amount of items on the menu that it will cater towards those with different tastes.

1128 Robson St, Vancouver, BC


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