Junsei River Japanese Restaurant: Horrible Bento Boxes

Diana Chan June 6, 2011 Downtown, Japanese, One Beaker

I went to Junsei River Japanese Restaurant for lunch since it was on Robson St. and I was craving a good ol’ bento box.

The restaurant is a bit narrow but it still has enough room.

Junsei River Japanese restaurant sells the usual items you would find in any Japanese Restaurant. My eyes were immediately drawn to the menu! One full page of Bento box choices! It took me a while to decide what I wanted to get, but eventually I settled on Bento Box F.

As I waited, some tea and miso soup arrived.

The Bento Box F ($10.95) has unagi, salmon roll, tuna & salmon sashimi, green salad & fruit. At first glance, the bento box looked appetizing, but at a closer glance, I was very very disappointed!

The unagi pictured on the menu had a large chunk of unagi, but when it arrived, you get 4 small thin slices of eel, it was not even comparable to the picture. The taste was ok, but you know this was probably frozen and thawed.

The salmon roll, was poorly put together and still contained some tough connective tissue. As you can tell from the image, one roll was about to come undone.

The salad was very very watery and the citrus dressing had a strong ginger taste to it.

The fruit that is part of the bento was a slice of apple. It was cut very poorly and the core was still part of the apple. Doesn’t the seed just look so appetizing?

The tuna and salmon sashimi were decent but not great. The tuna was still a bit icy since it’s been thawing.

The bill came and I was actually glad I could leave. I put my money down and waited for the waitress to come grab it. I waited… then I waited some more…3 waitresses passed by and none of them even picked it up. I even tried raising my hand but no one acknowledged me. It just sat there looking very lonely.

During the time I was waiting, the table next to me was complaining to the waitress about how she got their order wrong. After they talked to 2 waitresses, the waitresses wanted them to pay extra for what they wanted. They were indeed mad and just ate their incorrect order.

I was pretty fed up by now, so I just went up to pay.  I grabbed my changed, didn’t tip and went back to work. With so many great restaurants Downtown, this sushi joint really does not compare.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Do not get their bento boxes
  • Cheap and of low quality

We Rate Junsei River Japanese Restaurant : 

570 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
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  1. Andy June 6, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    I pass by this place a lot but have never tried it. I guess I’ll continue abstaining from it – glad I dodged that bullet!

  2. Rebecca January 10, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    This was an unfair review. I’ve been there several times and the service and food are amazingly priced and tasty. For $10, are you expecting perfectly placed sushi rolls and top of the line service? No, you go there to get a GREAT lunch very quickly.

    • DesignGirl January 10, 2012 at 11:40 pm

      I respect your opinions and it’s great you’ve been getting continually good service and food.

      From my visit, I didn’t have the same experience as indicated by the photos. There are a lot of other Japanese restaurants in the area that have great $10 lunch deals as well. Such as Shizen Ya, Guu Garden, Zero One Sushi, and Yamato Sushi.

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