Jugo Juice: Merry Mandarin, Dreamy Orange Protein and Holiday Chicken Sandwich

Diana Chan November 15, 2018 Uncategorized

Jugo Juice in Canada has released three limited edition menu items for the holiday season – the Merry Mandarin, Dreamy Orange Protein and a Holiday Chicken Sandwich.

I love new items and it keeps companies to continue innovating. For customers, they might discover something new that they really like. We were invited for a quick preview of 3 items to see how they taste.

Merry Mandarin

This drink was first introduced in 1999 and is now back on the menu for a limited time. The fresh spin on an old-time favourite, the Merry Mandarin is made with fresh mandarin oranges, mangos, tropical juices and the addition of Fiasco Gelato’s no added sugar frozen yogurt.

You get the prominence of the mandarin oranges as well as the tang of the tropical juices.

Dreamy Orange Protein

This new smoothie packs protein into it. This has fresh mandarin oranges, mangos, orange juice, coconut milk and vanilla whey protein.

Upon first taste, it really tastes like an orange creamsicle and you can tell there is a gritty texture because of the whey protein.

Holiday Chicken Salad Sandwich

This fire-grilled chicken sandwich has a holiday twist with dried cranberries, fresh celery, apples, spinach and avocado aioli on a herbed schiacciata bun.

The panini was great and I liked it straight from the panini press so the bread is crisp.

Final Thoughts

Two great smoothies to add a bit of Vitamin C into your diet as the cold season has started. Both drinks were good but everyone was torn which one was their favourite. I personally gravitated towards the Merry Mandarin as it doesn’t have the gritty protein taste in the Dreamy Orange.


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