Jugo Juice: Daily Fuel While Out Shopping

Diana Chan December 28, 2017 British Columbia, Promotion

As you’re shopping up a storm this week getting all the discounts, Jugo Juice has release a few new items for the holiday season. I am a big fan of Jugo Juice as it’s a quick healthy snack while at the mall. The holiday season is a fast-paced time for many, from parties to shopping to wrapping up projects at work in time to relax. Jugo Juice‘s two limited time items – Mega Matcha Smoothie and Cranberry Chia Pudding will help keep you going when you’re out and about or just need that daily refuel.

Until January 9, if you buy a Jugo Juice gift card of $25 or more, you will receive a free smoothie of your choice. Nothing beats a little something extra for yourself.

Mega Matcha Smoothie

The Mega Matcha smoothie blends the delicious and unique flavour of matcha green tea with pineapple, unsweetened almond milk and our vanilla whey protein to create the ultimate on-the-go smoothie, packed with 25g of protein plus a kick of caffeine from the matcha. It was super subtle, not sweet at all. You’d have to really enjoy matcha to like it.

Cranberry Chia Pudding

Cranberry Chia Pudding is a quick, nutritious snack packed with the naturally delicious flavours of coconut and cranberry, topped with a blueberry and strawberry compote and Terra Breads’ artisanal granola. 7g of protein and half your daily intake of fibre will help keep you feeling full and ready to keep going. A good treat that’s healthy and filling. There’s a strong cinnamon flavour so you want to make sure you’re into that before you get it.

Mighty Kale Smoothie

We tried their Mighty Kale smoothie made with mango, spinach, kale, apple juice, orange juice, and pineapple. It’s their beset selling smoothie right now and you can’t taste the kale at all. It’s basically a treat that’s packed with nutrients. My personal favourite.

Smoothie Bowl

There are currently 3 different types of smoothie bowls Jugo Juice offers – Dragon Detox, Power Plant and Berry Benefit.

This particular bowl we tried was the Dragon Detox made with strawberries, unsweetened almond milk, ginger, watermelon, cranberry juice, and dragonfruit. Then it is topped with fresh banana, granola from Terra Breads and chia seeds. They started purchasing granola from Terra a couple years ago to make sure the ingredients were local and better for their customers.

Blue Majik Juice Shot

This is a new item on the menu made with Coconut water and blue majik powder. It’s a nutrient dense variety of spirulina, a superfood plant source of protein, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It promotes energy, focus and balance.


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