Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant: Avocado Smoothie & Banh Mi

Diana Chan April 29, 2012 Cafe, Downtown, Three Beakers, Vietnamese

Joyeaux Cafe is a very popular Vietnamese Restaurant in Downtown. They are always busy for lunch and most people make a reservation to ensure they get a spot to sit. Their portions are large and their prices are cheap, so it attracts a lot of people during the lunch hour rush.

My coworkers and I had a busy day, so we decided to have lunch at 10:30am and this place was empty. No surprise at all since no one has lunch that early. As we walked inside, the waitress greeted us and gave us menus. I was very surprised since this never happens during the lunch time rush. The waitress even spent time explaining a few dishes on the menu and made a few recommendations.

Avocado Shake ($3.99) was something I wanted to try for a long time at this place. It is a bit expensive, but it was really good. Very smooth with the subtle taste of the avocado. It seems like a strange combination, but I love it.

Vietnamese Sub with Grilled Pork ($4.99) had a lot of filling inside. The bun was hallowed out and filled in with the vegetables and meat. Everything stays nice and neat inside the bread, so no spillage occurs. You even get 2 pieces of fruit.

Overall, super impressed by the service before the lunch time rush. It starts to get busy at noon, so if you don’t have reservations, aim to arrive at 11:30am.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Large amount of menu items
  • Noodle soup is most popular ordered item
  • Good quality Viet Sub/Banh Mi
  • Under $10
  • Should make reservations if you want to get a seat right away


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551 Howe St
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