John Hancock Center: Signature Lounge at the 95th

Diana Chan September 26, 2013 Bar and Grill, Dessert, Late Night, Near North Side, Three Beakers

John Hancock Center

The best advice I got during my trip to Chicago was from my aunt who told me to grab a drink at the restaurant on top of the John Hancock Center and enjoy the summer fireworks. It’s great because you get a good view without paying the outrageous prices to be at their observation deck (which is on a lower level).

The Signature Lounge is located on the 95th floor (vs Oberservation Deck – 94th floor). To get up there, you go in through the south entrance. If you see people lining up for the observation deck, you’re in the wrong place. As it was a busy night, we waited about 20 minutes to get up to the restaurant. Other people were smart to go early to grab a seat and wait for the fireworks.

The Signature Room

The interior was the restaurant was nice and cozy. They have tons of seats, but as you can imagine, it is quite packed.

The Signature Room

Isn’t that just a stunning view?

white & dArk ChoCoLAte Mousse CAke 8.00 chocolate bark, pistachio Gianduja

As we waited for the fireworks, we had to order something. So we got drinks and shared a cake.

White & Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake ($8) also comes with chocolate bark and pistachio gianduja.

Stella Artois ($8.25) is light, crisp and declicious.

The Signature Room

We found that our seats didn’t have the best view of Navy Pier for the fireworks, so we went to the womens washroom to watch the fireworks. It sounds weird, but it has one of the best views! You get a clear view of the loop and Navy Pier.

The Signature Room

It was quite a night. Great views with great company. The items on the lounge menu were quite expensive, so just grab a drink and sip it slowly.

We Rate Signature Lounge

875 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL


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