Joe’s Grill: Brunch with Bennys and Hash

Diana Chan August 19, 2011 Brunch, Robson Street/West End, Three Beakers

CanuckGirl and I decided we should go to the Pride Parade since we have never ever been to one. Living here for all my life and never going there…shame. Before lining up on the streets, we thought we would grab a bite to eat. I heard Joe’s Grill was pretty popular, so we decided to grab a quick bite here.

They are located on Davie and near Burrard.

The place was packed by 10am, but luckily there were seats on their patio.


You can find the usual breakfast and lunch items on their menu. Sandwiches, Pasta, Bennys, Eggs, omelettes, etc….

The service was quite slow and we were really confused by other customers that ordered after us got their meal before us. After seeing dish after dish not land at our table, I asked the waitress and she went to the kitchen to check. After awhile, she came back and told us the kitchen prepared all the tickets backwards and ours would be coming up soon. As others were half way done their meal, we finally got ours.

Eggs Florentine Benny ($8.55) has spinach, hollandaise and poached eggs on top of toasted english muffins with side of panfried potatoes and an orange slice. CanuckGirl thougt this dish was alright, but it wasn’t the most amazing benny she has ever had. She much preferred Subeez.

Corned Beef Hash ($8.25) has diced corned beef, fried onions, green peppers with potatoes and 2 eggs. They used real corned beef in this dish. I was kinda expecting the canned corned beef for this since I love the salty salty taste. Having it the other way wasn’t too bad. The potatoes, green peppers and the onions made to be a delicious combination of flavours. I am not a potato eater, but with this dish I could eat all the potatoes without hesitation. Not a very pretty dish, but the flavours make up for it. I also douse my food in tabasco too. Early morning kick in the face of spiciness.

After we headed off to the parade. Instead of watching the parade like everyone else, I took my time staring across the street as 2 security guards were yelling at some guys to stop sitting on an “under construction” structure. I find strange things amusing.

Overall, Joe’s Grill wasn’t as good as we expected. Slow service with some decent food, but there are plenty of brunch places in the area.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Pay Parking on street
  • Poor and slow Service
  • Busy during peak hours (especially brunch)
  • Good low prices
We Rate Joes Grill: 


Robson Street/West End
1031 Davie St
Vancouver, BC
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