Jia Plus Fusion Cafe in Pitt Meadows

Diana Chan November 30, 2018 Bubble Tea, Cafe, Fusion, Pitt Meadows, Taiwanese

Jia Plus Fusion Cafe is located in Osprey Village Market in Pitt Meadows. I wouldn’t have known a Taiwanese Cafe was located here in this area. I had to give this a try with my friend to see how it is.


There are a few seats inside but wasn’t too busy on a weekend for lunch. Very simple interior.

Ginger Pork on Rice

The bowl has a bed of rice with thin slices of pork belly, ginger, onions and a delicious sauce that drips down into the rice. It was interesting to see the use of pork belly in this dish instead of other cuts of pork.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

The steamed bao was soft and warm, filled with BBQ chicken, sauce and arugula. I was surprised by the amount of ingredients inside. Lots of BBQ Chicken and they did not skimp on it.

Spicy Wonton Soup with Noodle

We ordered the spicy wonton soup with noodle to give it a try. It was surprisingly good. The broth had a nice kick of spice and the wontons were yummy.

Black Milk Tea with Pearls

I couldn’t come here without ordering a bubble tea. I got the black milk tea half sweet with pearls. It was good but I wish the tea was slightly stronger.

Red Bean Wheel Cake

What is so interesting to find here are wheel cakes. This one is filled with red bean. The exterior is very crisp and the centre is soft.

Custard Wheel Cake

This wheel cake is filled with custard. It was really good and my favourite of the two flavours.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is a good addition to Pitt Meadows as you don’t see too many Asian fusion cafes in the area. The food is good and very comforting if you want a big bowl of hot soupy noodles for the colder months of the year.

10931 Barnston View Rd #102, Pitt Meadows, BC


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