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JapaDog crossed my path as I went to the Advanced Screening of The Town starring Ben Affleck. So, I decided to grab one because it’s quick and always satisfying. They also have several flavours at all their locations so it’s kinda like a scavenger hunt to try all the different types.

One thing I noticed from a few months ago is that they got a new cart, which seems more shiny and cleaner than before!

The Burrard and Smithe is the original locations of the world famous Japadog. It’s so famous that even my relatives in Hong Kong know about it. The line ups during lunch times is really long, so its best to avoid the lunch time rush.

I ordered the oroshi, which starts with a Bratwurst smokie, which is pork. For the toppings, it has grated radish, green onion and soy sauce. It’s very simple but it a major improvement on the traditional hotdog. I love really thick smokies since it does have a lot of flavour compared to those small dinky hotdogs. The grated radish adds a nice texture to the Japadog. After a while, eating it was quite a drag because it was the same flavour. I should have added a bit more sauces to this…perhaps some wasabi mayo or more soy sauce.

Overall, good experience and good fast food!

They also have super unique types of japadogs such as the edamame one where the sausage has beans. They do have regular hotdogs too, but why have that when you can have a JapaDog!

For about $5 to $6, you can get a japadog of you own! No need to go to a regular hotdog stand when there are JapaDog stands springing up all over downtown Vancouver!

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