Japadog Restaurant: New Ume Japadog

Diana Chan December 13, 2012 Downtown, Japanese, lunch, Three Beakers

The Japadog Restaurant on Robson and Seymour is always coming up with new flavours of Japadogs. Japadogs are Japanese-inspired Hot Dogs with unique toppings. Since it’s Winter now, I didn’t want to go to their carts to grab a quick lunch, so I went to the restaurant to be able to sit down inside to enjoy my meal.

Ume Japadog Combo ($9.63) with a Can of Coke and Shichimi & Garlic Fries.

The Shichimi & Garlic Fries tasted like a blend of salty and spicy. They taste really good when they are fresh, but when they start to cool down, it doesn’t have that delicious taste anymore.

Ume Japadog has pork bratwurst, onions, and a special plum jelly in a toasted bun. The pork bratwurst is bursting with flavour and is quite addictive. The pairing of the tangy plum jelly was unique and probably isn’t suited for everyone.

Overall, it’s a good option for lunch if you want something quick, easy, and under $10.

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530 Robson St
Vancouver, BC


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