Japadog Food Truck: Roaming Around Vancouver


I was in the Olympic Village hunting for lunch near work and I spotted the Japadog Truck. I thought it was pretty awesome since they usually have their carts around town, but not a food truck.

I was pretty excited because I was tired of going to Urban Fare for my usual chicken and vegetables, today I could be bad and have a Japadog.


You will find 14 different Japadogs to choose from:

  • Kurobuta Terimayo
  • Oroshi
  • Okonomi
  • Negimiso
  • Love Meat
  • Tonkatsu
  • Croquette
  • Hot Spicy
  • Yakisoba
  • Ebi Tempura
  • Yakiniku Rice
  • Beef Terimayo
  • Spicy Cheese Terimayo
  • Ume

You can get them with a combo as well, which includes a drink and their shaked fries.


Love Meat Combo ($8.50) has a hot dog with aribiki pork sausage, cheese and a beef meat sauce mixture on top.

Then I grabbed a coke and Shichimi and Garlic Shaked Fries.


It was having a lasagna as a hot dog. Not the best meat sauce I’ve had, but it was ok. Their aribiki pork sausage was really good!


Shichimi and Garlic Shaked Fries reminded me of Mc Donald fries but with the roasted garlic and spicy seasoning on top. Most of the fries turn quite limp after a while, so it won’t stay hot and crispy for long.

Overall, Japadog does attract thousands of eaters a year and have become a global sensation attracting tourists from all over.

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