Janny Crepe House: Organic Soft serve Milk Ice Cream with Honeycomb

Diana Chan February 13, 2014 Busan, Dessert, Three Beakers


We spent the afternoon in Busan roaming the Gwangbokro Culture and Fashion street in Busan. We just finished lunch at some relatives house and wandered off here to do some shopping and looking for a sweet treat.


M’s mom wanted to show us some amazing organic milk soft serve Ice cream with honeycomb, so we wandered and wandered until we found a good place. We stumbled upon Janny Crepe House. At first glance, you won’t be able to notice as you just assume they only have  crepes.


As you look closer, you will see their display case filled with delicious honeycomb.


It’s a small shop with a lot of people waiting, so there’s not a lot of seats available. Best to have it to go and wander the streets to do more shopping. This is also very random, but they sell dolls as well.


Organic milk soft serve Ice cream with honeycomb (4,500 won = $4.50) was just beautiful. You have the soft serve on the bottom and then it is topped with a piece of honeycomb.


The way the honeycomb glistens beautifully. Everyone else loved the ice cream and honeycomb, but I personally felt it was a bit sweet. I just prefer less sweet treats. The texture of the honeycomb was crunchy kinda like a wafer. A cool treat to try out if you’re ever in South Korea.

It’s a unique treat and I’ve never seen this in Vancouver yet.

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