The Jade Seafood Restaurant 玉庭軒海鮮酒家: Alaskan King Crab

Diana Chan March 30, 2014 Chinese, Richmond, Seafood, Three Beakers


Every year, I look forward to eating Alaskan King Crab. When Tourism Richmond invited me to come down to join them and some food bloggers and media, I couldn’t say no. We headed to Jade Seafood Restaurant in Richmond. This restaurant has been recipients of multiple Chinese Restaurant Awards and Vancouver Magazine Awards. I haven’t been to this restaurant till now.


The restaurant was packed and most tables were having Alaskan King Crab. It is always best to call ahead of time to guaranteed the size of King Crab that you want for your party. You can get one up to 20 pounds!


Since there was only 7 of us, we settled for 7 pounds ($28.88 per pound), which is a great size so everyone gets about a pound each. They can turn this crab into 3 or 4 dishes depending on what dinner set you choose.

The dinner set we got was the 10 person dinner set, which comes with 10 courses and cost a total of $398. Items on it can be modified. It is a bit pricier than some Chinese restaurants in town, but always come with a large group, so you can split the bill so the price is more reasonable.


Steamed Mushroom Dumplings was a modification to the set meal. This is one of their signature items on their menu and it is filled with a mixture of mushrooms. It’s great for mushroom lovers like myself.


Shredded Chicken with Fish Maw Soup is another great dish. I love this type of soup, but some people may not like it after finding out fish maw is the air bladder of a fish that controls its buoyancy. Don’t be afraid, it actually tastes like nothing but has a consistency of jelly.


They serve the soup individually and you can add some of the red vinegar for added taste. I love vinegar, so I added a good amount into my bowl. It really changes the flavour profile completely.


Steamed King Crab Legs with Garlic is another staple item on an Alaskan King Crab meal. All the legs are cut open, so you can easily scoop out the meat. They really make it easy to eat especially for picky eaters. This item is very standard across all Chinese restaurants and you can get it anywhere.


Deep Fried King Crab Knuckles in Spicy XO sauce is always one of my favourite dishes. It wasn’t spicy at all and the crunchy exterior was so yummy. The added edamame and garlic chips were just perfect. Nom nom nom nommmmm…


Grandpa Chicken came with the whole chicken. It was served cold and it’s like a smoked soy sauce chicken. It was ok, but it wasn’t anything amazing.

This was also a substitute item and on the original menu, it would have been the peking duck.


Minced Beef with lettuce wraps. If we had the peking duck, this would have been the duck and lettuce wraps. I didn’t mind too much since this is always a fun dish to put together.


You take the lettuce wrap and then scoop up the filling and add a dash of the sauce for extra flavour. Then, you roll it up and start munching away. The flavours were good and I always like the chestnut for an extra crunch in texture.


Bean curd and bok choy in fish soup was a nice break from the rest of the items in the meal. I personally love tofu and vegetables so I ate this up. I could eat endless amounts of this.


Braised Halibut with Green Onion and Ginger was a very surprising dish. The halibut was in meaty chunks, very moist and had a nice crisp exterior.


Baked Rice in Portuguese Sauce with King Crab Head is what we have all been waiting for. All the rice and sauce overflowing out of the shell.


They serve it to you in individual bowls and it’s always a treat to eat. Loved that there was so much sauce.


Steamed Brown Sugar Honey Cake was a new item to me. It looked crazy cool and looked very porous. It was spongy and was like a very firm jello. After taking a bit out of it, it was really good! Not too sweet at all.


Coconut Cookies and  Lotus seed pastries was the last dessert. Went well with tea and was a nice item to end off the meal.

Overall, Alaskan King Crab is a pricey meal, so always make sure you have a group of friends to go with. It makes it more fun. Jade Seafood Restaurant is more of a higher end Chinese Restaurant, but you still have tons of options in the Lower Mainland to enjoy Alaskan King Crab while the season lasts.

We Rate Jade Seafood Restaurant

8511 Alexandra Rd
Richmond, BC


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