Jack In the Box: Crossing the Border

Diana Chan April 25, 2011 Fast Food, Seattle

A few friends and I decided to go away to Seattle for a little bit of sightseeing, shopping and of course FOOD! After leaving the house at 4am, we got to the border at 5am to encounter a 45 min line up. We sat waiting in the car sipping on canned coffee and eating Koala crackers. After we crossed the border, we all got really hungry and decided to head to Jack In the Box!

Jack In the Box is an American Fast Food Chain… similar to McDs. It’s basically located at most highway exits.

What is great about US fast food chains is how they have to inform their customers about how many calories are in each item. Even though it is awesome, you do get a horrible feeling knowing how many calories is in the item you order. It made me want to order the item that had the least calories.

Everyone had Minute Maid orange juice with their meal. All you do is stab your straw in the center. M was not that smart, so he opened it up like a milk carton. I guess it was too early for his brain to function. Later he told me he was just lazy to get a straw.

M ordered the Sausage Croissant Combo ($3.75USD) with 855 – 990 calories.

He loved the croissant bun with the yummy sausage patty. The hash browns come in little sticks. Very delicious and its not even comparable to Mc Donalds. M is a huge fan of Jack in the Box, lunch items, and this was his first time eating their breakfast menu.

Fabo and BusanGirl shared the Grilled Breakfast Sandwich Combo ($4.49 USD) with 885 – 1020 calories. DAMN! Thats a lot of calories. They asked them to cut the sandwich in half and it was no problem. The sandwich was actually quite large, so it was no problem sharing between 2 people.

I ordered the Sausage Egg and Cheese Breakfast Biscuit ($2.39 USD) with 570 calories. Told you I was tempted to find something with the lowest calories. This biscuit was way better than Mc Donalds Buttermilk biscuits! It held together firmly and did not crumble. The sausage was so good because it was just saturated with fat and all that yummy goodness.

On your placemat, they even have a suggested area to put your ketchup.

Whenever I go to Seattle, I must take a trip to Jack In the Box! It’s not in Canada and I just love their sandwiches.

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