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Diana Chan December 25, 2014 Four Beakers, Kid Friendly, Mount Pleasant/Main Street


Tucked away in a house close to Mount Pleasant is Invitro Food Lab and Eatery. The restaurant is owned and operated by Sarah Kashani, who has renovated the house to open her dream restaurant. She must have the best commute to work ever! Just walk downstairs to go to work.

They are currently only open for dinner, but you can call ahead of time to see if they will open for lunch.

This place is charming and cozy. I love hidden restaurants like these. Once you get here, you’ll fall in love.


Even the utensils are unique and awesome.


The menu looks pretty good and the prices are very good! Nothing is over $20.


They offer a variety of cocktails that taste really good! They only use fresh juices in the cocktails.


Dageraad Blonde is local and brewed in Burnaby. I never knew there was a brewery in Burnaby; so close to my house too!

It’s citrus and spicy flavours compliment salads and desserts, while its tartness and effervescence cut through fat and refresh the palate, making it a good counterpoint to heavier dishes. Dageraad Blonde is also excellent paired with semi-soft ripened cheeses and charcuterie.



The Typical Caprese ($11) has Buffalo Bocconcini, pesto, smoked prosciutto, oven-dried tomato, balsamic reduction, olive oil and basil. This dish is bursting with flavour, I highly recommend it.


The Payoff ($15) has baked brie with roasted garlic, olive oil, and crostini served with local fruit preserves. This is a fun sharable plate. You can’t deny the amazing taste of creamy brie, with the sweet preserves and the aromatic garlic.


Bolognese ($18) has home-made egg noodles served with veal, sausage, beef, & lardons, garnished with parmesan cheese and fresh herbs. Hand making noodles is really a labour of love and you can taste how fresh the pasta really is. There is bountiful amounts of meat in this dish. Really good!


Leeks & Cream ($18) has home-made egg noodles served with cream, parmesan cheese, butter, leeks and white wine. It’s creamy and the leeks really shine in this dish, a great combination.


Steak ($18) is a filet mignon and it’s best cooked a bit under medium rare to really let the flavour shine. It also has a salad and mushrooms. The price is really great for a filet mignon. Once you have filet mignon, its can’t compare to any other cut. It’s so smooth and buttery. Yum!


Time for dessert since that’s the part where everyone’s inner child just jumps for joy.


 Chocolate Brownie with rosemary toffee, bourbon whipped cream, and berries.


Pavlova is meringue with whipped vanilla cream, nuts and fresh fruit. This portion is twice as big as normal since FoodQueen and I were sharing. The pavlova was like a big fluffy marshmallow.


Overall, the food was really good. I’ve recommended this place to a few friends and they all loved it.

We Rate Invitro Food Labs and Eatery

2211 Manitoba St
Vancouver, BC


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