Insalata: Salad Bar in Pacific Center

Diana Chan February 2, 2012 Downtown, Two Beakers

I am notorious for not bringing my lunch to work since I always like to sleep for an extra few minutes. Since I feel like I’ve eaten like a slob lately, I thought I should go get something somewhat healthy. Insalata at Pacific Center seemed like a decent quick option.

It’s a self-serve salad bar where you pay for the weight of you food. I think it is around $1.60 for 100g. They actually have a good amount of items to choose from. Theres veggies, pasta, meat and fruits.

I always manage to get around $10 worth of food. I know, I know, I could probably make this for way way cheaper at home. Very true, but I am lazy. For those people who are busy and on-the-go, it’s a good alternative to get some fruits and veggies into your diet.

The fruits and veggies look quite fresh. Seeing that there are tons of people who come here everyday for lunch, you know the food isn’t sitting there for days before being consumed.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Easy access from Granville Skytrain
  • Quick and fast for lunch
  • Fresh Fruits and veggies
  • Around $10

We Rate Insalata:

609 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6C

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