Insadong Korean BBQ: Family BBQ Combo for 4-5 People

Diana Chan July 3, 2014 BBQ, Coquitlam, Kid Friendly, Korean, Three Beakers


Insadong Korean BBQ Restaurant has been on North Road and Lougheed for a while now and have been serving guests traditional Korean cuisine. The restaurant is pretty huge and can accommodate large groups.

I came here with my family for Fathers Day and it was quite busy. Parking was a bit tough but we eventually found a spot.


Depending on which area of the restaurant you sit in, it will look different. The area we were in had pretty poor ventilation, so it was very smokey for most of the time. The table we were at wasn’t wiped down properly, so there were bits of food still on it.


Family BBQ Combination ($79.99) can serve 4 -5 people but we had a lot of leftovers…so you can have 6 people eat this if you really wanted.

In this combo, you get:

  • Smoked Salmon Salad
  • Radish Seaweed Roll
  • Seafood non-spicy tofu soup or soybeans soup
  • Seafood Pancake or Bulgogi Japchae
  • Marinated Beef Galbi Ribs
  • Marinated Chicken Bulgogi
  • Marinated Spicy Pork Bulgogi
  • Marinated Short Ribs
  • Mussels ( 3 pieces)
  • Prawns ( 3 pieces)
  • Oysters( 3 pieces)


Before the main dishes arrived, we were given complimentary side dishes (banchan). You will find a lot of picked vegetables like bean sprouts, cucumbers, radishes, potatoes and kimchi. The side dishes are refillable if you want more.


Radish Seaweed Roll was a light and refreshing dish and it’s good to eat your vegetables beforehand because all the meat will be coming next.


Next, all the marinated meat and seafood arrived on a large platter. Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm time to get this party started.


The marinated galbi beef ribs are cut and placed on the hot grill by the server. They didn’t really say anything and just placed it on there for us. We were confused since they didn’t explain what they were doing. As you can tell, service here is a bit strange.


Everything else we grilled on the stove ourselves. The chicken, beef and pork were great. The seafood was ok, but not as fresh and flavourful.


Seafood Pancake came on a hot plate. It was decent, but not the best one I’ve had.


Smoked Salmon Salad was good, fresh and had a good amount of smoked salmon.


Seafood non-spicy tofu soup was good to contrast the items part of the combo. Great clean taste and has a good amount of tofu and seafood.


Overall, we were so full at the end of the meal and had a few item to take home. We still had a little bit of uncooked meat, so they helped us cook it before we left.


We added 2 bowls of rice for $1.99 each and the end of the meal totaled to $88.17, which is not bad for so much food. You do get value from the combo sets on the menu. The downside about dining here is that the service can be quite poor.

We Rate Insadong Korean BBQ

403 North Rd
Coquitlam BC

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