Imperial Court Beijing Cuisine: Dinner in Richmond

Diana Chan February 22, 2014 Chinese, Richmond, Seafood, Two Beakers


Imperial Court ( 王府井京川粵名菜) is located in Richmond and they serve up Beijing and Szechuan cuisine. My mom found this place in the newspaper and heard it was a good place for peking duck. M really wanted some good peking duck. We made reservations and headed down here for dinner.


This place has lots of large round tables perfect for large groups. It’s a popular place for King Crab but it wasn’t the peak King Crab season yet, so we opted for a 10 person set menu for the 8 of us.


The first item that arrived are the cold appetizers. It has bean curd, jelly fish, cucumbers, tomato, and pork.


The next dish that arrived is the fish maw and egg soup. The big bowl of soup is poured into individual bowls.


I thought the soup was good. M didn’t know what the soup was until we told him that fish maw was actually fish stomach. He was quite afraid to eat it. Mind over matter right? I thought the fish maw was quite tasteless and it’s the broth of the soup that brings out the flavour.


Peking duck arrived with and the slices were quite think with not a lot of meat. The wrappers that came with it was tasteless and thick.  The duck is supposed to feed 10 people, but we felt it was very small. My parents tried requesting to take the duck bones home but they said we were not allowed to. Some people actually request it to bring it back home to make soup. We thought it was a bit weird how they said no.

There are shrimp chips underneath.


Duck lettuce wrap is what they made with the remainder of the duck. The duck and vegetable stir fry sits on top of the fried noodles.


Hainanese chicken was the next dish. The skin has its classic yellow shade. It tasted ok, but the meat was a bit dry and the skin was gummy. It was alright, but not very impressed.


Steamed flat fish was the next dish and it was very moist and delicious. The bones came off easily and wasn’t too hard to pick out.


2 Lobsters arrived on the plate but they were also quite small. It was cut up into bite size pieces and cooked in a white sauce. The meat was quite tough and surprisingly hard to get out of the shells.


Fried rice came in a huge plate and was not bad. Not too oily.


Vegetables and mushrooms was a good compliment to the set meal. Very delicious.


Red Bean Soup was the last item to arrive. It’s quite common for Chinese restaurants to have this at the end. It wasn’t as thick as other restaurants, it was very watery.


Hello Kitty Mango Pudding was a very cute item to order, but it lacked in the mango flavour. It was more like jello.

Overall, this place was below average and there are so many other Chinese restaurants in the area that are better. None of use were really impressed by any of their dishes. Felt very climactic as the dinner went on.

We Rate Imperial Court Beijing Cuisine: 

6360 #3 Rd
Richmond, BC

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  1. MissVancouverPiggy March 7, 2014 at 7:59 pm

    How much was the set menu? The cold platter doesn’t look bad and the Peking duck has a nice golden color, too bad the crepes weren’t good. The lettuce wrap doesn’t seem like there’s enough for 10 people to lol. I would’ve wanted to try the restaurant cause I’m a sucker for hello kitty, but too bad the pudding wasn’t good. Btw below average eats is 3/5?! So generous, mines 2/5 lol

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