Iktsuarpok Coffee Stand: Order at the Window

Diana Chan February 6, 2019 Cafe, Gastown

Iktsuarpok Coffee Stand is the cutest little coffee shop in Gastown. There are no seats and you just order your drink at the window. Rika and Kento are behind Iktsuarpok Coffee Stand and while we were in line waiting, it was nice to see them chit chatting with us once our order was ready.

We saw them on Instagram and read a few articles online and knew we had to make a visit as their concept was unique.


The menu is limited with 3 items but you can’t go wrong with them.


This is a latte made with Moving Coffee beans, which is from Vancouver too. Milk and espresso never tasted so good. It really hit the spot and the latte art looks great too. Highly recommended.


If you want a matcha latte, they have that too. It’s been pretty popular, so sometimes they run out of it. Be sure to check Instagram to see if it’s available. We initially planned to come here weeks ago but then we noticed they ran out of matcha, so we waited till it was back in stock.

You can ask them to adjust the sweetness or have none at all. The matcha tasted like it was high quality and you can taste it.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people who come here know that its there. Some people miss it completely as it is an obscure location where you have to look at the window to order. They have gained quite a following since they’ve opened. The quality of the drinks show and it’s a unique experience to order your drinks like a drive-thru…or in this case – walk-thru.

They are open on weekdays 8:30am to 4:30pm. On Saturdays, they are open 10am to 4pm.

30-425 Carrall St Vancouver, BC

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