IHOP: Chocolate Chip Pancake Nostalgia

Diana Chan October 15, 2011 Brunch, North Burnaby, Two Beakers

M and I decided to grab some breakfast at IHOP since it was close and convenient. I think he just wanted to go here for pancakes. I had no preference, so I went.

IHOP stands for the International House of Pancakes and is a large chain restaurant located all over the Lower Mainland.

The inside has lots of booth spaces and is usually pretty full on weekends.

They have 4 types of syrups at the table, so you can totally try them all. I’m not a pancake person nor a syrup person, so I never try these things.

What I love are the 2 types of tabasco sauces! At most other places they just have the red ones.

Spinach & Mushroom Omelette ($12.99) has spinach, mushrooms, onions, cheese in an omelette. There is a hollandaise sauce and diced tomatoes on top. It is also serves with a choice of pancakes of toast.

It tasted alright, but I found that the mushroom inside were not cooked very well. It didn’t have too much flavour and was bland, so I poured quite a bit of tabasco sauce on this. I love tabasco sauce so I love to put that stuff on everything.

Pick – A – Pancake Combo ($10.69) you get your coice of flavoured pancakes, 2 eggs, hash browns, bacon or sausage.

The combo gives you the best of both things…sweet pancakes and savory dish. M thought it tasted good but the hash browns could be crunchier. M did the same thing and put tabasco sauce all over this too.

Chocolate chip Pancakes was what M chose as his side of pancakes. These pancakes were nostalgic to him because he has not had any chocolate pancakes since he was young. It was good for the small size, but by the end, I think he was sick of it because the chocolate was a bit sweet.

Overall, it was an OK breakfast, but not crazy amazing.

 Words of Wisdom:

  • Convenient Locations
  • Mediocre bland food
  • Lots of breakfast choices

We Rate IHOP: 

9855 Austin Rd
Burnaby, BC


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