iCream: Liquid Nitrogram infused Ice Cream

Diana Chan September 24, 2013 Bucktown/Wicker Park, Dessert, Three Beakers


iCream is a unique dessert experience in Wicker Park / Bucktown. While my aunt took me around this area, she insisted we come here for a cold snack. It looked pretty unique and you can create your own frozen dessert concoction within seconds using liquid nitrogen.

Stores likes these have actually been popping up all over the country. I even saw it in the night market in Richmond.


They outline 3 steps in creating your dessert.

1. Choose ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, a shake, or hot pudding (with or without rice)

2. Select your dessert base: regular, light, organic, soy, regular or non-fat yogurt

3. Pick one or two flavors and fruit or candy mix-ins from our toppings section

And check out the favorites section for our most popular dessert combinations.


Once you tell them your creation, they will begin creating in the back counter. It’s quite weird seeing them mix liquid and powders together as you know what goes into it.


The pour the liquid mixture into the mixer and the show begins. Its pretty darn cool.


I got frozen yogurt and my aunt got ice cream.


Mango Ice cream was ordered from my aunt and thought it was ok too.


Green Tea frozen yogurt has a very icy texture and not as smooth as the usual frozen yogurt. It did have the tart taste but not the same.

Overall, the presentation of the ice cream and how it’s made is quite fun and exciting, but the taste was just ok.

We rate iCream:

1537 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL


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