Icepik Shavery: Flavoured Shaved Ice

Diana Chan June 22, 2015 Dessert, Renfrew-Collingwood, Three Beakers


Have you seen this adorably cute penguin on Kingsway near Joyce?

Icepik Shavery just opened last April and they serve up flavoured shaved ice with yummy toppings. It is similar to Frappe Bliss in Aberdeen Mall. It’s a great addition to the Collingwood area and we can never have too many dessert shops.

Foodobyte, FoodQueen, EatingwithKirby and I came here as we kept seeing so many delicious pictures on Instagram. We do what we do best – eat!


There are 4 steps to creating your Icepik creation:

  1. Pick your size
  2. Pick your favour
  3. Pick your toppings
  4. Add any sauces on top


If you find it too hard to choose what to put into your dessert, choose their combos so you don’t have to make that decision. Sadly, you can’t make any substitutions on these.


They make the dessert by shaving up the blocks of flavoured ice, then all the toppings go on top.


Fresh Pik’d Fruit (Regular $5.85) has mango snow cream with mango, strawberries, house made rice cakes, and mango jelly.


It’s a good combination of toppings and they really pile it on top. Looks like a snow mountain. I love fruit, so I gravitated to this option. Its half way between traditional shaved ice and frozen yogurt.


Emperor’s Pik (Regular $5.85) has green tea snow cream, house made rice cakes, grass jelly, mango and lychee jelly.


Penguin Pik (Regular $5.85) has black sesame snow cream with house made rice cakes, oreo crumble, grass jelly, and tapioca pearls.

We thought all 3 needed a generous dose of condensed milk on top. It really enhances the flavours! Just stick with condensed milk, no need for the other syrups. With the hot summer heat making its way to Vancouver, this will be a popular spot to have dessert to cool down.

We Rate Icepik Shavery

3377 Kingsway, Vancouver


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