2017 Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid: Review

Diana Chan October 21, 2017 Car, travel

The 2017 Hyundai IONIQ is the world’s first vehicle to be powered by a choice of three different electrified powertrain options in a single model: hybrid, electric and electric plus. I am a huge fan of hybrid and electric vehicles, so when I heard about the Hyundai IONIQ, I had to give it a try for the week to get a good feel for the car.

  • IONIQ electric operates solely on electric power and can go up to 200km on a single charge and produces zero emissions.
  • IONIQ hybrid can run on a traditional gasoline engine, an electric motor, or both. It is great for daily commutes and weekend adventures with over 1,000 km per tank. It is a blend of pwer and efficiency.
  • IONIQ electric plus can be switched between electric and gas. When you select electric, it can go about 40kms, then you can switch and it will work like the IONIQ hybrid. This power train isn’t available until late 2017.

There are some really good government incentives in Canada by going green. Ontario offers up to $14,000, Quebec up to $8,000 and BC offers $5,000. Any discount is a good discount especially when you can keep on saving and reduce your gas intake and emissions. The infrastructure for electric vehicles are growing to have electric chargers readily available. It just take a little bit of planning, but once you know where your go-to charging stations are, it’s a breeze.


The style of the car is pretty conservative and doesn’t have any aggressive curves, a good simple design that fits.

The LED lights in the front and the back are bright and stand out in the daytime and nighttime.

The blind spot detection lets you know if there are cars in your blind spot, so it lights up to alert you that there is some object there. Very handy when changing lanes.


The interior of the vehicle is comfortable in the front 2 seats, there is dual climate control if one person likes it hotter and the other wants it cooler.

The seats are heated and even the rear seats can be heated too.

The trunk space is good and you can fold own the rear seats to add more space if you’re carrying more stuff.


Technology in the vehicle will depend on the package you choose, but I find that the IONIQ was a good range of technology that is essential to a good driving experience. You aren’t overwhelmed with unnecessary features.

Proximity keyless entry and push-button ignition are great as an upgrade, but some people can find it confusing at first to use. Once you get use to it, you’ll love it. You never have to dig into your bag to find your keys.

A few favourite is the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Just connect your phone and you have access to your music, maps, phone and other compatible apps.’

For parking, a rearview camera with the dynamic guidelines makes parking a breeze. All those time where I had anxiety with parallel parking are all gone since you can see how you close you are to other cars. A great safety feature too. Even with the lowest package – IONIQ Blue, you get these 2 great features without blowing the bank.

There is wireless phone charging option too with the Limited package if you want to set your phone down to charge without having cords around. Good thing the new iPhone 8 has wireless charging capabilities now, so it will come in handy with vehicles.


The drive was pretty smooth and has quite a bit of torque for a hybrid vehicle. The vehicle combines an efficient 1.6L gasoline engine with a powerful 32kW electric motor for impressive performance and fuel efficiency. When it automatically switches from electric to gas, it’s not very obtrusive compared to other car models.

You can even shift into sport mode to really have more fun with the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

My husband and I really enjoyed this car commuting Downtown from the subburbs on the weekday and then took some longer drives on the weekend. We drove quite a bit with the IONIQ hybrid, but we still had plenty of gas left in the tank. We were estimating that a tank would last us about a month, which is amazing. It’s a solid competitor in the compact sedan space if you are looking to going electric or hybrid.


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