How to properly drink a Hot Chocolate

Diana Chan February 11, 2011 Food for Thought

It has occurred to me I am oblivious when it comes to drinking hot chocolate. I always drink all the way to the bottom where most of the syrup and gunk settle. Is this really how you drink hot chocolate? I even googled, but they only tell me how to make hot chocolate.

There really shouldn’t be too much science or instruction to properly drink a hot chocolate….plus hot chocolate just looks so good to taste bad. In most of the hot chocolates I have encounter have the chocolate settle to the bottom of the cup. Powdered form of hot chocolate for sure wil have it.

The Hot Chocolate from Starbucks tasted so good until I got closer and closer to the bottom, as you can tell, there is the chocolate gunk that settles to the bottom and leave the last 1/4 of your Hot Chocolate to taste like sediments.

There are theories on the  proper way to enjoy your hot chocolate. FinanceBoy is the biggest Hot Chocolate lover…EVER. If I told you how many hot chocolates he has had in a day… you would be scared.

Here are some of his tips to enjoy the best Hot Chocolate:

  • Find Hot Chocolate made with real chocolate rather than the powdered form
  • Don’t leave it for too long or else it’ll cool down too much
  • Stirring is always an option
  • Don’t drink the whole hot chocolate, leave 1/4 left in the cup to avoid the “gunk”

Suggested places for awesome hot chocolate:

I am not a hot chocolate expert, but perhaps you know a bit more than I do. If you would like to shed some light on enjoying hot chocolate or even some other places to get hot chocolate. Post a comment below!

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