House of Tofu Soup: Korean Comfort Food

Diana Chan January 13, 2015 Coquitlam, Kid Friendly, Korean, Three Beakers


House of Tofu Soup is located on North Road in KoreaTown. It gets quite busy during dinner time with tons of people wanting to get a taste of their tofu soup and other dishes. The parking is a little bit nuts here since there are only so many spots and small spaces.

They have gone through a bit of a renovation to open up the space and make it a bit nicer. Before they had this strange divider that would separate the restaurant.


I personally think the best part of this restaurant is the banchan, the complimentary side dishes. Just waiting for the tofu soup and munching on these dishes are pretty awesome.


Kimchi is a bit spicy, but I love its slightly acidic flavour and the crunchy texture.


Pickled Radishes have a crunchy texture to them too. It is also slightly sweet.


Mashed potato is pretty cute and looks like ice cream.


Seaweed is so delicious. I could eat this all day!


Pork Kimchi Tofu Soup ($9.99) and I chose to have it regular spicy level. It also comes with rice.


Before you eat it, crack and egg into the hot soup and mix it around. The first few bites were good, but after a while, it was just salty. It wasn’t as good as a few years ago.

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4563 North Road
Burnaby, BC

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