Hot Kalbi Pork Side Ribs

Diana Chan February 1, 2015 Korean, product, Recipes


I love Korean marinated meats and something about the flavour is so addictive. Especially when it’s spicy!

Hot Kalbi Pork Side Ribs can easily be made in a slow cooker. I wanted to make a no fuss meal and there was already a pre-made marinade from T&T.


Sempio creates a wide variety of kalbi sauces, but there aren’t a lot of brands at the store that sold the spicy version. If you are lazy to make your own hot kalbi sauce, this is a good option.


I got a pack of side ribs from T&T and it was about $14 per pack. It’s not too fatty and there was still lots of meat on  the bones.


Put the side ribs and half a bottle of the Hot Kalbi Sauce in the slow cooker for 6 -8 hours on low. Make sure all the ribs are coated with the sauce.


Once it’s done, serve it with your meal and you can cut it up so they become little rib bites. There is a decent amount of spice to the ribs and not too spicy. Since the ribs are cooked in the slow cooker, the meat is tender.


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