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Diana Chan March 3, 2016 BBQ, Chinese, Hastings-Sunrise, Three Beakers


Hopewell Chinese Kitchen is located on the top floor of the 1st Avenue Marketplace. They are known for their high quality BBQ meats that are made fresh daily. The owners have been perfecting their craft for over 15 years.

I was invited by ChineseBites to try a few of their BBQ meats. I actually never realized there was this place here until recently. It’s been over 10+ years since I’ve been to the top floor of the plaza. Last time, this used to be a grocery store.


The prices are a bit higher than other BBQ joints, but it is better quality. It is slightly cheaper than HK BBQ Master in Richmond.


Hanging meat at a BBQ shop is an awesome sight.


To others, it might be a gruesome sight to see, but you can’t deny the taste…unless you’re a vegetarian.


Seriously, all I need is Chinese BBQ meats and rice and I am good to go.


Mmm I was seriously drooling before the meat made it to my plate.


You also need a huge cleaver to be able to swiftly shop up the meats. Music to my ears.


We made sure to have a can of pop with the plates of meat to wash down all the grease. A beer would definitely work as well, but coke is a classic in any asian household.


Soy Chicken was ok, some pieces weren’t as succulent as others. The white meat is more meaty, but the dark meat was more flavourful.


BBQ Duck is so good. Perhaps I have a duck obsession, but You can’t go wrong with this. I especially like the darker burnt bits.


BBQ Pork was quite thick and not too fatty or sweet. Very good.


Roast Pork is essentially roasted pork belly. It has crisp crunchy skin and juicy tender meat. I love the seasoning by the bones.


You can also ask for fatty or lean cuts if they have it available. This was quite fatty, so it was hard to eat a lot of it.


Whole Roasted Suckling Pork is a reservation-only item that you must order one week in advance for $200. Most people order these for special occasions or large gatherings. It’s a piglet and once we dug in, the texture of the meat is quite different than the Roast Pork as its from an older pig. I preferred the meat from the suckling pig as it was a big more lean and flavourful.

Overall, a good alternative for Chinese BBQ. I am glad I finally came here because I would come back for more.

We Rate Hopewell Chinese Kitchen:35rating

1st Avenue Marketplace, 213-2800 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver


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