Hon’s Wonton House: Olympic Village new menu

Jenn Semilla October 4, 2018 Chinese, Mount Pleasant/Main Street

We’ve already visited and reviewed Hon’s new Olympic Village location. We went back when they invited us to the media event and introduced their updated menu. We also learned that a new location will soon open near the Commercial and Broadway area.

The new menu

Hon’s Wonton is adding a few more items to their menu. New ingredients include bbq pork, curry sauce, and “vegetable bites” (seitan). The update includes:

BBQ Pork on Rice

The meat is tasty and had good caramelization, but the sauce is very salty. I would try to ask for the sauce on the side so you can control the amount.

Curry Beef Brisket On Rice

This dish is simple and tastes exactly what you would make at home. It’s a good option if you’re way too tired after work to make a hearty meal.

Sweet & Sour Veggie Bites on Rice

The sweet and sour sauce is good, but I expected the seitan to be crispy since it’s deep-fried before covered in sauce. Fun fact: Hon’s is the largest supplier of seitan in North America.

Same taste, new approach

We learned at the media event that the menu was created with the belief that restaurants must adapt and change to remain relevant. To cater to modern patrons, Hon’s seafood ingredients are Oceanwise and their beef is Canadian AAA. Additionally, they have a vegan option featuring seitan as the protein.

Final thoughts

Hon’s differentiates itself from the typical Chinese restaurant by offering a streamlined menu. I was very pleased to learn that they are using sustainable seafood and quality Canadian beef. It was also a nice surprise that they offer a vegan option.

We have to mention that the taste and quality in the food offered during the media event differs from our experience when we visit Hon’s on a normal day. The pork potstickers we tasted at the event was crispy, whereas our previous experience was not. Operational consistency is a challenge for many restaurants and I hope that Hon’s can regularly make their signature items the same, for each and every visit.

25 E 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC


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