Honolulu Coffee: Kona Coffee in Hawaii

Diana Chan May 17, 2018 Cafe, Hawaii

Honolulu Coffee has been around since 1992 in downtown Honolulu. They have locations all around the world and there is one in Vancouver that I’ve been to before, but when in Honolulu, I had to come here to see how it really supposed to be like.

Kona Coffee

When we first walked in, there is tons of Kona coffee packed and ready to take home. Given this is in Waikiki and right beside a hotel, a lot of people like to buy them and get them as gifts.


This fancy drink comprised of a smooth espresso shot with milk, served with a glass of sparkling water and 3 espresso beans. I enjoyed it as the espresso used in it was great. I liked the addition of the sparkling water and espresso beans.

Final Thoughts

It was a good stop in the morning for some coffee before we went to our next eating adventure on this Hawaiian vacation. I definitly liked this a lot more than the location in Vancouver. Coffee here is really good and won’t disappoint. I would come back again.

We Rate Honolulu Coffee

2365 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI


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