2017 Honda Civic Hatchback LX: Review

Diana Chan April 4, 2017 Car, travel

This week we got to try out Honda’s new Civic Hatchback series! After a long hiatus, the hatchback trim has finally come back to the Civic line. I was a huge fan of the 2001 Honda Si-R hatchback, so I was very excited to see a refreshed hatchback look come to Canada!

The model that we had was the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback LX, which is the lowest trim.


Although I adore hatchbacks, I did not particularly like the gaudiness of the 2017 Honda Hatchback LX. Some people do not like the 10th generation of Civics for its hyped up sporty look and chrome, but I actually think it looks like the best one Honda’s ever made.

However, that sentiment did not carry over for me on the Hatchback version. The use of fake plastic vents in the front and back just feel cheap and fake. I would hang my head in shame if any car enthusiast comes closer to check out the Honda Hatchback.

I do like the spoiler and the nice TURBO written on the back windshield. It brings a nice retro feel to the car. I miss the Turbo vinyl on the back bottom doors that the 2016 Honda Civic Touring I reviewed last year had.

I also like the front grill of the car. It feels adequately fierce and angry. There are no LED headlights in this trim, which I think is both aesthetically pleasing and important for better visibility for driving.


This being the LX, lowest trim for the 2017 Honda Hatchback, it was not chock full of features I was accustomed to my reviews. There was no auto unlocking, no push button start, no flappy pedal gear box for Auto CVT, and no leather. There was also no right merge camera, which I thought was a strange omission as even the Fit had that.

The rearview camera is the same across all the Hondas I’ve seen. When it gets particularly stormy outside, the camera lens can get very muddled, losing its viability.

There is no sunroof in the Honda Hatchback LX, the higher tiers have a full panoramic moonroof.

The fully digital speedometer display and Apple Car Play is always great. However, I don’t know if it was because of the LX trim, but there were some weird issues with connecting my phone with this Car Play. One time I crashed the Honda display system fully.

I think it’s ridiculous that Honda would give you Apple Car Play/Android Auto but no onboard navigation system!

The lack of leather was okay, the stitching was slightly sporty. The leather steering wheel was not the smooth leather in higher tiers and felt like my 2012 Civic’s steering wheel.

Like all hatchbacks, this has a slightly bigger trunk than the sedan version. Not crazy enough to replace an SUV or pickup truck, but definitely more than an average sedan.



The 2017 Honda Hatchback LX is a joy to drive. The lowest trim comes standard with a 174hp turbocharged engine, that you have to pay $2,000 more for the Honda Civic Coupe.

It was a joy to drive this Civic. the engine was fun to punch and the turns were very accurate and on point. Going back to my normal Honda Civic 2012, it felt like turning a semi-truck in comparison.

Like all Honda’s the engine was gas efficient when it had to be.

Final Thoughts

I think the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback LX highlights the amount of features you get at a higher trim for only $8,000 more. For $8,000 more you get:

  • Navigation system
  • Auto unlock keyless entry
  • Push button start
  • 6 more horsepower engine
  • Chrome dual exhausts
  • Premium leather steering wheel
  • Better climate control
  • LED Headlights
  • Leather seats
  • Heated Rear Seats
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Power seats
  • 18″ dark aluminum wheels
  • Power moonroof
  • Smarter windshield wipers
  • Blindspot display
  • ETC.

I listed all the things that are a huge bonus for me. $8,000 for all of that and more is a steal in my opinion and still less than $30,000. I’d gladly take the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Touring instead, please.

So where does that leave us? I think this is a great starting car and trim for a high school student or a university student’s first car. It’s cheaper and it’s fake plastic vents might appeal to that demographic.

Otherwise, I like my hatchbacks to have all-wheel drive. Unfortunately, the Honda Civic Hatchback does not have that option. I think that shows you that this Hatchback is not in the same rugged competition with the Subaru Impreza, rather it is just for city folk who want a hatchback look and added convenience of a slightly bigger trunk.

Regardless, you still get a premium driving feel buying this car and I just can’t wait for the true Type-R to come to Canada. Here is a glimpse of what it looks like.

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  1. Lee Daniels June 4, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    Great Review. Here are some of my points why I went with the LX instead of Sport and up.

    Navi – with Apple Car play I would rather be using google maps instead of onboard navi.

    Rims would have been a nice upgrade but I will eventually replace with Enkei’s any ways.

    Exhaust would have been a great upgrade but I decided to put in a custom one at at later time.

    Which would all can be done under $4k so I couldn’t justify the difference. I do want leather seats but that takes me all the way up to the touring.

    Just some info for anyone who happens to read this. Regular Gas VS. Premium gas on LX vs Sport and up. So this is a interesting marketing by Honda. The LX and the Sport have exactly the same engine and specs compression ratios etc. The difference in HP is actually just in the difference of gas used. So Honda advertises the Sport to be 7 hp more and requires premium gas. But if you have the LX and want some extra kick to 180HP. Fill in with a premium. Still want more HP? Easily reflash the ECU with Hondata and gain 20-30 HP making your civic near 200hp. 🙂 Happy Car Shopping Canada! .

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