Himalayan Peak: Restaurant on a Hill

Diana Chan February 16, 2012 Indian, SFU, Three Beakers

The Himalayan Peak at SFU sells Indian food. You can either do takeout or eat in. They are best known for their all-you-can-eat buffet since its the best bang for your buck if you eat a lot.

Since a few of us weren’t super super hungry, we decided to pick a few items off the menu for lunch to share.

There’s lots of tables available and its not too busy.

Butter Chicken ($14) has boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked in creamy sauce. The flavours were good, but it could have been a bit stronger.

It tasted good and its always best with an order of naan or rice. There was a good amount of chicken, but it is quite an expensive dish.

Naan ($2) is what we chose to get with the butter chicken. It was made fresh and really good!

Chicken Naan-wich ($7) has very little ingredients inside, but I guess thats to keep it from falling apart. Since the naan is also thin, it has good proportions. Too bad there really isn’t a binding agent to really keep it all together.

Thats what the center looked like.

Twin Peak Samosa ($5) has a crispy outer layer with potatoes and peas inside. You get 2 types of sauces too.

In the middle of the two samosas are a type of a bean curry. It went well with the samosas but the raw onions was a tad much.

Overall, it was a good food but certain item can be a bit expensive. Flavours are a bit mild to suit general people.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Regular items on the menu are quite pricey
  • All you can eat Buffet at noon is quite popular
  • Naan-wich is recommended or the paneer
  • No free parking anymore :(
  • SFU Student? Free Parking at UniverCity (they don’t check the 2 hr limit)
We Rate Himalayan Peak:  


8901 University High St
Burnaby, BC

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