HiFive Baked and Fried Chicken: Available 24 hours a Day in Burnaby and Vancouver

Diana Chan February 25, 2019 Fast Food, Sunset/Punjabi Market

HiFive is a 24 hour shop serving up baked and fried chicken 24 hours a day. Imagine a Church’s Chicken but different. Everyone has their personal preference of what makes their chicken perfect and for me it’s – spice, crispiness, and moisture. Since our last visit back in 2017, they have added a few new items on the menu.

We were invited to give it a try to see what else they offer their customers.


The interior has a big counter where you can order you meal for take out or eat in. If you just want chicken but not make a visit, they also have delivery options too.


Coupons and In-Store Specials

Don’t forget to grab coupons on their website to save a few dollars as they are always available. Also, look at their signs inside the store as there are many in-store promotions for larger meals, which is perfect for parties and potlucks.

Chicken Options

There are many ways to have your chicken – baked, fried, spicy, regular, drumstick, thighs, or even in a sandwich format. As long as you’re aware of what your options are, you can craft your meal however you like. I don’t see a lot of places with baked options, but it’s a nice touch if you want something slightly healthier.

Baked Original Chicken Thigh

This was our favourite as it’s healthier, seasoned, and just as juicy as their fried chicken option. Good that its moist but not too oily.

Baked Spicy Chicken Thigh

If you like a kick of heat to your meal, spicy is nice but it won’t set your mouth in an inferno.

Baked Spicy Chicken Drumstick

Some people hate thighs since it’s hard to deconstruct the meat, but with a drumstick, you just need to eat around the bone. They also have a variation of sauces if you want to dip your chicken into it for extra flavour.

Crispy Fried Chicken

The most popular item of all is their fried chicken as it’s crispy and who can deny fried chicken?

10+ Pieces of Chicken

For larger parties, there are options for big boxes of chicken like their 10 or 15 piece meals for their in-store specials. Chicken is always a big hit and you really can’t go wrong.

Have it baked, fried, original or spicy anytime of the day. Even if you are having 2am food cravings.

Fried Chicken Strips

For Chicken Strips, they are sure shaped funny and resembles calamari but it isn’t. The pieces are large, juicy and fried to a good texture so the batter is dry and not oily to the touch.

Fried Mac and Cheese

You can dip this in their honey mustard sauce and it’s a fun little mac and cheese shaped into triangles. It’s a good options for kids too.

Potato Salad

The potato salad is hearty and has a good amount of potatoes and sauce surrounding each piece.


These are sides you can to your meal. The coleslaw has a nice crunch, not too soggy or saucy either. We usually don’t like coleslaw, but this is pretty decent.

Chicken Wrap and Garden Veggie Wrap

If you are looking for a smaller meal to order off the menu, they have wraps with either chicken or all veggie.

Potato Wedges

A classic item to add to the side of your chicken, burger or wraps. Good and seasoned well with a cajun spice.

Onion Rings and Cheddar Cheese Munchers

Some other sides offered are onion rings and munchers. Onion rings are decent and the munchers are vegetarian packed with veggie and cheese.


Don’t forget the sauces if you need it with whatever you ordered. Hot sauce, ketchup, chipotle mayo, hi5 sauce, peri peri sauce, vinegar, mayo, sweet chili, etc. It’s best if you had them with any of the sides to dunk them into.

Hi 5 Baked Chicken Sandwich

They have sandwiches too if you want something more individual-sized for lunch or dinner. This hand-held sandwich has their moist baked chicken with lettuce and tomato inside their bun. It’s good that they use their chicken that actually resembles chicken instead of other fast food places out there.

Hi 5 Spicy Chicken Sandwich

This chicken is covered in their signature spice to give you a hint of kick for those spicy lovers.

Hi 5 Fried Chicken Sandwich

Hi 5 Fried Chicken Sandwich has their signature chicken inside with cheese, lettuce and tomato on a nice bun. Since the chicken is good, it makes this sandwich tasty too.

Garden Veggie Burger

There are veggie burgers if for some reason you walk into High5 specializing in chicken and felt like a veggie burger for yourself or your friends. It’s an option but not very popular among the other items.

Final Thoughts

As it’s set up like a fast food place, most people order to-go or get chicken delivered via SkiptheDishes. The most popular items are the baked and fried chicken of course, but there are options for those who want something a bit different, have dietary restrictions or other preferences.

They use chicken that is local and delivered fresh, they don’t freeze anything, no msg, and they are Canadian owned.

Currently, they have 2 stores in Burnaby and Vancouver with more to come. It’s a good option for chicken 24 hours a day if there as there are no other similar places in the proximity.

203 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC


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