Hee Rae Deung Korean Chinese Restaurant: Jajangmyun

Diana Chan April 30, 2011 Coquitlam, Four Beakers, Korean

It was another Korean Night with Fabo, TanGuy, M and InsecureGirl. We ventured off to try a new restaurant on North Road that specializes in Jajangmyun, which is Korean black bean noodles. M and Fabo both really wanted some good Korean black bean noodles!

Hee Rae Deung Korean Chinese Restaurant has Korean Style Chinese food, so you won’t find the traditional tasting chinese dishes.

Apparently, this new restaurant has gained quite a popularity in the Korean community and there are actually line ups for dinner time. All the seating is booth style, so it can accomodate large groups.

If you are Chinese and you walk in here thinking the menu will be easy to understand since you are an expert at Chinese food, think again…everything is in Koreanized english. You will need to know a few basic Korean food words to get by.

The menu is quite large but good thing it has pictures, so you can just point at it and order.

Tea and cold water arrives at your table when you are seated.

The side dishes that come a pickled Daikon, black bean paste and onions. You can eat the pickled daikon alone, but to eat the onion, eating it alone would be torture! What is so amazing is that if you dip the onion into the black bean sauce, it will cancel out the potent onion taste. It’s quite interesting!

You also get a small side of radish kimchi as well.

We all decided to share the Kan Poong Ki ($15.90). This is the Korean version of Kung Pow Chicken. It is evenly battered and covered with a sweet and spicy sauce. The chicken is very moist and is probably the best Kan Poong Ki we have ever had in the lower Mainland.

There are condiments on the side – soy sauce, vingar, and red pepper spice. You mix them together and use that as a dipping sauce for the Kan Poong Ki.

M and TanGuy both ordered the Gan Jajangmyun ($6.50). It has vegetables, pork and black bean sauce on noodles.

This is probably the most traditional Korean dish there is. You are presented with the noodles and black bean sauce mixture seperately. What you do is to mix them together in the larger bowl. The best way to enjoy this is to mix is very very well together. It does taste way better if you take the time and effort into mixing it throughly.

Their sauce is very amazing and is the best we have ever had. Dou Gau Bee has nothing on this restaurant.

Fabo and InsecureGirl both ordered the Jjam Ja Myun ($7.90). If you are a person who likes a bit of everything, this dish might be for you! You get half Jajang Myun (Black bean noodles) and  Spicy Seafood with noodle soup.

The black bean noodles are just perfect and the spicy noodle soup was also well done. If you are new to eating the spicy seafood noodle soup, it IS spicy! Most of the heat is located near the top, so do be sure to stir around the soup to disperse the heat.

If you cant handle your heat, it is best to not order the spicy seafood with noodle soup.

I wanted to see what Korean Style Chinese food is like, so i ordered the Stir Fried Rice ($9.50).

It has a bit of the black bean sauce, cabbage salad, and fried rice with egg on top. Ok, this was the best fried rice I have ever had. The fried rice was moist and rich in flavour! It has sizable seafood in the rice and just amazing flavour!

You also get some of the spicy seafood soup on the side as well. Yet again, it is quite spicy.

Overall, very good food and Korean style chinese food is really good!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Jajangmyun and Stir Fried Rice are highly recommended
  • Lots of Parking at the plaza
  • Under $10
  • There may be line ups during peak hours.

We Rate Hee Rae Deung Korean Chinese Restaurant:


#24 435 North Road
Coquitlam, BC
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