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Diana Chan October 27, 2014 Brunch, Downtown, Kid Friendly, Three Beakers, WestCoast


Hawksworth has won multiple awards since it first opened in 2011. As one of Vancouver’s Best Restaurants, it can be a bit pricey. Luckily, they offer a special #BrunchClub deal every long weekend on Saturday and Sunday for brunch where if you bring a guest, their brunch entree is comped. So, basically thats like buy 1 get 1 free. If you and your friend split the bill, it’s definitely more affordable.

I do love brunch, so I didn’t pass up this deal up.


Cappuccino ($5) is the same price as juice, which I find kinda funny. Regardless, I do need my coffee in the morning.


Hawksworth Beef Burger ($20) is served with a side of crispy fries and a mayo and ketchup. Inside the burger is applewood smoked bacon, aged cheddar, tomato, an onion ring and lettuce. This is not necessarily a typical brunch item, but it’s pretty good. The burger is juicy and goes well with the crunchy onion ring and smoked bacon.


Steak and Eggs ($24) is quite elegant for brunch. I got the steak medium rare and it was really good! On the plate, there are 2 sunny side eggs, rosti, avocado, and a jalapeno salsa verde. I was surprised by this dish! Good flavours!


Brioche French Toast ($18) was a pistachio mousse, oranges, brown butter sauce and crumble sprinkled on top. There are 3 pieces of the brioche toast. Taking an initial bite of this, it was dry and no matter how much sauce you put on it, it’s couldn’t save this dish. No one at the table liked this dish.

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Overall, I would say Hawksworth isn’t very consistent with their dishes for brunch. The cut of ham for their eggs benny can vary a lot. I would just go here when they have the deal on the long weekends.To get the #brunchclub deal, just whisper to the server with the words “brunch club” and they will understand. Just double check their Facebook and Twitter just in case they decide to discontinue the deal.

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801 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC


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