Havanas (Visit #3)

Diana Chan January 15, 2011 Commercial Drive / Grandview, Cuban, Four Beakers

Did you know, I really love Havana’s? My go to place for days when I can’t decide where to eat. My goal is to eat through their menu.

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I came here hungry and ready to eat their AMAZING Tuna Burger, but alas they discontinued it 2 months ago since they could not get fresh tuna from their suppliers. They didn’t want to serve their customers a dish that is not fantastic.

Since I was craving Tuna, I ordered the Tuna Ceviche ($12). This is a fresh tuna crudo house cured ceviche with warm corn tortilla chips. The tuna is amazingly seasoned and the tortilla chips were really crispy yet warm.

One thing I felt was very off about this dish was how largely the green onions were cut p to be sprinkled on top. If i ate it with the Tuna, it would have overpowered the dish. So, I scraped off the onion from the top.

I am and always will be a fan of their burgers, so I ordered The Burger ($14). It contains a beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, mayo, mustard, all on a toasted ciabatta bread. The burger was quite good and had a lot of fixings on the inside. Well made burger, but if you need something meaty and to DIE FOR, try out the Latin Burger because its MASSIVE!

For my sides, I ordered half salad and half fries. Best of both words! Their fries are thin cut and seasoned with salt and pepper. I really like their fries because of the cut.

M decided to make it a healthy day, so he ordered the Jerk Chicken Wrap ($15). It has grilled chicken breast, spicy mayo, salsa, lettuce, fetta cheese, and jalapenos wrapped in a cheese tortilla. I think this was M’s most favorite chicken wrap ever. All the ingredients blended well and is worth the $15 you pay!

Instead of fries and a salad, M got the daily soup for a few bucks more. The soup was a vegetable based soup.

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Vancouver, BC

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  1. KimHo January 15, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    That tuna ceviche looks… Odd… It is even odder that you don’t like onions, since it is usually an ingredient oftenly added. Anyway, if you are up for the challenge for ceviche, go to El Inka Deli (near Burnaby General Hospital). If you do, for god’s sake, please, do NOT order anything that says Mexican!

    As for the wrap, $15 is expensive. But, since you liked it, consider going a couple of blocks down to The Reef.

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