Havanas: Latin Burgers & Sangria

Diana Chan March 31, 2011 Commercial Drive / Grandview, Cuban, Four Beakers

Another late night at SFU and a bunch of us were growing super super hungry after our meeting. Thinking about what is still open, we just headed off to The Drive. We first headed to the Libra Room, but they didnt have enough room for us. We were also all starving and didn’t want to wait. So, what to do… we called up Havanas to see if there was room for all of us.

Success! They did have enough room for us, so we ran down to Havanas. We had 30 mins till last call, so we ordered quickly.

No university student can go without some alcohol, so we started off with the Rojo Sangria. It has red wine, cherry and apricot brandy, fresh fruit, strawberries, and fruit juice.

We all liked the Rojo Sangria! It was sweet and yummy!

After we drank the Rojo Sangria, we got the Tropical Sangria. This has white wine, Malibu, mango, fresh fruit, and citrus juice. This was not as good as the Rojo Sangria. The Malibu Rum gave this sangria a more alcoholic taste.

All 6 of us decided to get the Latino Burger ($18). This huge burger has a grilled beef patty, grilled chorizo, bacon, swiss cheese,  lettuce, tomato, spicy mayo, avocado, and onions all on a toasted ciabatta bun.This is a man’s burger! It is pretty large. It is quite hard to wrap your mouth around this sandwich. This burger is quite expensive, but you do get 2 types of meat in this burger. You also get your choice of fries, salad or both.

All the girl had to pack up half their burgers since they could not finish it. The men ate it all with ease. In the end we were all satisfied with the food!

At the end of the night, our waitress handed out a ballot form for Dining Out For Life. Participating restaurants such as Havanas donated 25% of their sales towards a great cause for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Havana’s is best known for their Sangria!

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1212 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC

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