Summer Days at the Hastings Racecourse

Diana Chan July 20, 2018 Hastings-Sunrise, travel

Looking for something fun to do with friends this Summer? Hastings Racecourse is open for horse racing with a great backdrop of the North Shore mountains and the Burrard Inlet. There is more to this place than just betting of horse races and the nice view.

There are special events throughout the Summer, so you can catch some pretty interesting things here like Corgi Races, Paint Nite, and Buffets.

We came here during industry night to check out the space and experience the races since it’s been a long time.

Craft Cocktails

On this particular day, Vancouver’s best bars came together to create exclusive cocktails.

There were a lot of local bartenders serving up tasty cocktails like the Furlong by Granville Room. It has Bacardi 8, lime, grapefruit, simple syrup, ginger beer, pepper and mint.

The Boxcar crafted up a Dill Spritz made with dill-infused cazadores blanco tequila, luxardo bitter blanco, lemon, honey, lem-marrakech bitters, soda and bubbly.

The Diamond, a popular bar in Gastown created The Front Runner. It is made with a mixture of Bombay Gin, Bianco Vermouth, Strawberry bell pepper syrup, lavender bitters and soda.

Mamie Taylors created the Wild Horses cocktail, which is the best name for this event. It is made with buffalo trace bourbon, peach, mint and bitters.

If you’re not into cocktails, they have Good Company Lager, Lonetree Cider and Nude Vodka Sodas. What better way to enjoy the races than with a drink in hand to cool off from the hot sunny weather.


Depending on the event that you go to, you could have a wonderful buffet full of finger food like us.

Pretty great to have a drink and chow down on snacks as the races played out in front of us.

There are also food trucks around if you want a few different options. Some other places to eat at the racecourse are Jerome’s Silks Buffet, and Furlong’s Eatery.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are new to hourseracing or an expert, Hastings Racecourse makes a fun activity for the Summer. You can dress casual or be glammed up. Sip some drinks and have a few bites with friends and try your hand at betting on horses.

188 N Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC


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