Hardbite: Drop’n Mad Beets

Diana Chan January 19, 2016 product


Hardbite is a Canadian company that make amazing chips. If you haven’t hard their regular chips, you really have to.

They have released another new bag of veggie chips but this time it’s beets -Drop’n Mad Beets as they call them. Unlike Terra Chips, each bag only have one type of vegetable.

Other flavours of veggie chips from Hardbite:


The chips contain beets, non-hydrogenated sunflower oil and/or non-hydrogenated canola oil, and lastly sea salt.

I love beets, so it was a joy to eat them. They definitely don’t taste like beets anymore. Good flavour and has a subtle sweet taste to it. Even though they are dehydrated, they still have crazy intense red colour to them. If you eat a lot of them…your poop will still turn bright red.


Another great addition to the Hardbite line up of chips.


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  1. Richard Steven May 2, 2017 at 8:18 am

    poop was so red i worried about colon cancer

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