Hapa Umi: Delicious Food in Small Portions

Diana Chan October 10, 2011 Downtown, Izakaya, Japanese, Three Beakers

Hapa Umi is the higher end version of Hapa Izakaya. They are located near Waterfront and serve up some unique Japanese dishes. I bought 2 Living Social Coupons a while ago, and since they were about to expire, I really needed to use them. I brought along 3 friends to join me on this delicious journey.

I tried making reservations a few days in advanced, but they were super busy with other reservations. I got an 8:30 slot, but we were so efficient that we arrived at 8 instead. The hostess was very nice and was able to seat us earlier.

The interior was quite nice! Theres even an area of seating where you can look at the water. 

The menu has three courses and you had your choice of any 3 items.

From the booths that we sat at, we were able to see the chefs in action putting together our dishes.

Since no meal at a Japanese restaurant can be complete without beer, InsecureGirl got the Hapa Lager and I got a Sapporo.

Halibut Ceviche has fresh cuts of halibut sashimi with sliced cherry tomatoes, topped with onions, lemon-lime soy marinade and shiso-infused olive oil.

Very nice and delicate taste! It definitely has different texture, but I think I still prefer my usual tuna.

Pemberton Medows Beef Tataki has the thin slices of beef with garlic ponzu, green onion and spicy daikon.

KoreanGirl, InsecureGirl and CanuckGirl all liked the quality of the dish, but it did seem a tad small. 

BC Wild Spring Salmon has the pan seared salmon on skewers with gnocchi, roated cauliflower, cauliflower puree, grilled zucchini with a soy-maple shallot butter.

Tofu two-ways Tofu steak with crispy tofu, scallion-ginger soy, peppers and a basil cream. One tofu was deep fried and the other was pan fried.

This dish was alright, good flavours but I found the portion sizing to be quite small for the entree. Very good quality, but it still left me hungry.

AAA Alberta Beef Tenderloin Steak came medium rare with vegetables and some other sauces. This wasn’t written on the menu since they needed to make a few substitution on a few items. InsecureGirl said this dish was pretty well executed, but was also a tad small.

Their dessert menu is separate and our eyes just lit up when we saw it. 

We ordered 2 orders of the Cannoli and the cheesecake, but they decided to present it to us in a larger plate so we all could share.

Umi Cannoli ($9) citrus cream cheese filling, shiso and strawberry compote with sour cream ice cream. These are the small circular things on the plate. There were really really good, but its not the type of cannoli you would see in the stores. This is more flat like a cookie with delicious filling. I could eat these all day!

Souffle Cheesecake ($9.50) has strawberry and shiso compote too. The cheese cake was quite dense and did eventually slowly fill us up.

Overall, good quality and taste of the food, but the portions and price are completely different spectrums. It can get quite expensive.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Japanese modern fusion type of food
  • Great taste
  • Small Portions
  • More higher end compared to other Japanese Izakaya Restaurants
  • Great place for Business meals or special occasions

We Rate Hapa Umi: 
909 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC


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