Hanai Family Table: Spam Musubi and Fried Okinawa Sweet Potato Mochi Delivered in Vancouver

Diana Chan September 7, 2018 British Columbia, Delivery, Hawaiian

Hanai Family Table serves up delicious Hawaiian treats – Spam Musubi and Fried Okinawa Sweet Potato Mochi delivered to your doorstep. This was started by Tess and Tom, who were born and raised in Hawaii on the island of O’ahu. With a culinary background, they decided to create Hanai Family Table to share these Hawaiian treats in Vancouver that will put a simile on your face. They can deliver outside of Vancouver, but send them a message to double check if it’s possible.

I saw them on Instagram and decided to put in an order of each item. I ordered 48 hours in advance, filled out the form and paid online. I then got a confirmation email and email to find the best time for delivery. Tess texted me the day of to let me know she was on her way with the delivery and when she arrived so I could meet her. Pretty easy process.

Spam Musubi

The spam musubi comes in a pack of 4 and are cut in half so you get 8 pieces. A classic Hawaii snack that is so damn addictive when done right. The spam has a shoyu ginger glaze, sushi-style rice with furikake, wrapped in nori. This is their twist to spam musubi and it works.

You want to eat these fresh and pop them in the microwave for 10 – 15 seconds. It’s delicious when its a little warm.

Fried Okinawa Sweet Potato Mochi

These were my absolutely favourite item. This is their version of fried poi mochi in Hawaii. It has a super crunchy exterior and chewy mochi interior with Okinawa Sweet Potato. It’s vegan and gluten-free, which is awesome.

When I took my first bite, I could hear the crunch of the outside  and saw the beautiful purple colour of the Okinawa Sweet Potato.

You want to eat these fresh to retain their texture and deliciousness.

Final Thoughts

They do the Spam Musubi and Fried Okinawa Sweet Potato Mochi very well and I’m actually glad they kept their options small so they can focus on quality. They put their own spin on their product and it’s awesome.  The price is a bit higher than what you would normally find in a store, but it’s delivered, the quality of ingredients is good, tastes amazing and you’re supporting a local small business in Vancouver.


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