Hamilton Street Grill: Dinner in Yaletown

Diana Chan May 8, 2011 Three Beakers, Yaletown

I have recently began volunteering for the 48th Annual National Chefs Conference and we had a little get together meeting at Hamilton Street Grill with the Social Media Team and the Chair; we talked about so many amazing things such as the dynamics of a restaurant business, amazing local chefs, and of course our plans for the social media push. Don’t worry; I am not pushing the viewers of Foodology to get tickets to the event. Nor am I looking to get into the restaurant business, its just a fun pass time.

I just decided to volunteer because I wanted to appreciate where my food comes from and to see food as an art and rather just…you know… food.

The chef made this on the house for all of us. This is the Radicchio, brie and Strawberries. This was very simple, but surprisingly, the flavors went well together. This brought together bitter, salty and sweet together and it was good!

LondonGuy had the Lamb Shank ($26). The lamb shank is braised with Red wine , caramelized onions, and sits on a bed of herb mashed potatoes and vegetables. The lamb was very very tender, falling off the bone!

A few other had the Grilled Wild Sockeye Salmon ($24). It has whipped goat cheese, peperone sausage and vegetable risotto, and a balsamic reduction. They all seemed to have enjoyed the dish.

I had the Vancouver Island Scallops ($26)  It has pan-seared scallops, vegetable risotto with a lemon butter sauce. Very good dish, but small portion. I didn’t get too full from this. The scallops were well prepared, but I prefer my scallops to be more seared and charred  on the outside.

HrGirl ordered the Pork Belly with a side of greens (~$20). The pork belly sits on a bed of vegetables. Small portion as you can tell

Overall, we had a great time and it was a good place to have a meeting. We probably spent 3 hours just chatting away. It was a Monday night so it was not too busy inside.

The food way pretty good, but it is quite expensive for small portions. I didn’t feel the food was very mind blowing or super unique. I probably wouldn’t come here unless it was for a special occasion.

As I was washing my hands in the washroom (Yes, washing hands are good), I saw this! Telus is having a promotion with a few restaurants in Downtown for Taste of Tuesday where the appetizer and dessert is free with purchase on an entrée. It only applies on all Tuesday in the month of May. 3 courses for about $20 – $25 are not bad. I treat it as another version of Dineout Vancouver but a bit cheaper.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Expensive with small portions
  • Lamb shank very good!
  • Pay Parking on street

We Rate Hamilton Street Grill: 


1009 Hamilton St
Vancouver, BC

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