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Hukuya Sushi is this little Japanese Restaurant located beside Red Robins in the Lougheed Mall area. They offer all you can eat as well as reasonably priced Ala carte for lunch and dinner.

On the inside, it has a decent interior. It is never super full when I come here. The people who run Hukuya Sushi, like other sushi places are Korean. It’s not bad or anything, I just wanted to point that out. There are a lot of repeat customers that come to Hukuya…my friend told us that he would come here quite often when he was in High School.

Everyone got their tea and M as usual got a coke.

Everyone was given complementary miso soup. I find that with most customers, they usually give something complementary with the meal. I think once it was a basket of tempura.

TaiwaneseGirl ordered Nigiri to start, there was tako (octopus), unagi (eel)and ebi (Shrimp). She also had a toro (tuna belly), but the waitress accidentally gave her the ebi. Once TaiwaneseGirl told the waitress, she gave her another toro. I don’t think TaiwaneseGirl really minded about the mishap of the order, I think she was more happy she got more food.

I ordered one of their chef specials, Takoyaki ($3.99), it comes with 5 takoyaki balls. Takoyaki is a ball shapped Japanese dumpling…kinda like a savory pancake made out of batter. the takoyaki is filled with octopus, pickled ginger, green onions and topped off with bonito flakes, mayo and teriyaki sauce.

This is a very popular Japanese street food item.

I got the other chef special, which was the okonomikyaki ($8). It is essentially very similar to Takoyaki but without the tako and in a pancake form.  It was ok, but there was too much batter compared to the amount of ingredients inside. On top, therer is tobiko and the bonito flakes. They preslice this for you in the shape of a pizza, so you are killing it with your chopsticks.

I know if it wasn’t cut, I would try putting the whole thing in my mouth…or even just massacring the look of this dish.

I hold high regards for people who serve okonomiyaki because for Japanese class in high school, we were required to make this dish. My group did an ok job, but another group almost set the classroom on fire. I tried remaking it at home and wanted to die because I didn’t know how to flip it over.

Since I thought I would still be hungry, I ordered the california roll. Pretty simple, nothing too elaborate and cheap!

M and TaiwaneseGirl ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Don. Underneath the egg, chicken, broccoli and onion lies white rice.

It was a lot to eat since rice does fill you up. Neither of them could finish their own bowls, so they packed it.

InsecureGirl ordere the Chicken Yaki Udon. It is udon, vegetables and chicken served on a super hot black grill plate.

M ordered some shrimp tempura as well, I think it had 7 pieces. I really didn’t mind helping him eat this because as you know…I have an obsession for prawns ….no like actually! As a kid, I would eat shrimp even though I was allergic, I even developed hives but I still ate it. Many years of being scolded by my parents not to each shrimp…I still ate it any ways. If you see me at a buffet, my entire table will have remnants of shrimp shells pilled up on several plates ( true story).

The taste of this shrimp tempura is quite average, nothing special, but it the usual stuff you would expect from any other japanese restaurant.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking in front
  • Lots of specials
  • Specialty rolls
  • decent prices

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9626 Cameron Street
Burnaby, BC
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