Hakkaku Ramen: Ramen in North Burnaby

Diana Chan April 18, 2013 Japanese, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

Hakkaku Ramen

I’ve passed by this place for about a year and a half, so I thought it was about time I try this place out. A friend of ours told us it had great ramen, so M really wanted to try it out. There really isn’t any other close ramen shops in the area, so we wanted to give Hakkaku Ramen a shot.

It’s located near Hastings and Willingdon in North Burnaby. There’s a lot of new restaurants popping up in this area.

Hakkaku Ramen

As the bus stops right outside, there is a good flow of customers eating here.

Hakkaku Ramen

Chashu Burger with a steamed bun ($3.95). It’s quite a fluffy bun and I chose to have the fatty pork belly meat instead of lean shoulder meat. Everything is a bit more delicious when its fatter. The bun was very thick, but it was very hard to hold and keep together when you bite into it. The burger was ok, but not worth $4.

Hakkaku Ramen

Miso Ramen ($7.95) has chashu, bean sprouts, onions, corn, green onion, seaweed and bamboo shoots. You can choose from a regular or rich broth and type of chashu (fatty or lean). Scarface chose to have his rich broth and lean chashu. THe broth is rich and flavourful.

Hakkaku Ramen

Shio Ramen ($7.45) has chashu, bean sprouts, onions, corn, green onion, boiled egg and bamboo shoots. M ordered is ramen with Rich broth and fatty chashu. The soup is smooth and light.

Hakkaku Ramen

Hot Miso Ramen ($8.25) has chashu, bean sprouts, onion, corn, bamboo shoots, green onions, boiled egg, and spicy garlic. I got the rich broth and fatty chashu. I felt this was too oily as I got the most fatty options. The broth could have had a bit more depth.

Overall, the ramen here was ok for the price. It’s not the best ramen in town, but the closest one in North Burnaby. The portions are large, so you will get full.

We Rate Hakkaki Ramen

4530 E Hastings St
Burnaby, BC

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