Häagen-Dazs: Gelato Edition

Diana Chan June 19, 2014 product


Häagen-Dazs has released a new line of Gelato. It is now in sleek black packaging rather than it’s regular red and gold colours. I saw this at Safeway in their single serve portions. I didn’t feel like committing to their regular 500ml tubs. So, these 118ml cups would have to do the trick.

There are 7 new flavours –  Black Cherry AmarettoCappuccinoDark Chocolate ChipLimoncelloSalted CaramelStracciatella and Vanilla Bean. 

At my Safeway location, I could only find Dark Chocolate Chips, Stracciatella, and salted caramel in the smaller portions.

M tried the dark chocolate chips and stracciatella and he loved them. I thought those two flavours were good and not overly sweet.


Salted Caramel seemed like it would be a contender, but I found it to be really sweet. I’ve had their regular salted caramel and that tasted a lot better than this gelato version.


I don’t think I would get the Salted Caramel again. Dark Chocolate Chips and Stracciatella are good and we would consider getting them again.


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