H-Mart Food Court: Wang Ga Ma, E-Mo Noodle, and Zac-Zac

Diana Chan December 10, 2012 Downtown, Japanese, Korean

Inside H-Mart Downtown are a bunch of smaller food vendors in their hidden food court. It’s on the second floor of H-Mart and easily spotted from the outside. Once you walk in, you can look at their menus, walk to the counter, pay and wait for your number to pop up on the computer screen to see when your order is ready.

Wang Ga Ma/ E-Mo Noodle

Tofu Soup is spicy and not for everyone. Inside the soup is a lot of tofu, an egg, beef and mussels. You also get a side of kimchi and rice. It’s good if you like spicy food. You can try to ask the staff to see if you can tone down the amount of spice.

Spicy Beef Broth is delicious! I chose rice instead of noodles for this dish. It’s a bit spicy, but good for those that like it hot. Similar to the Tofu soup, but without tofu and has noodles and bean sprouts.

Kimchi Fried Rice is delicious! You get a large plate of kimchi fried rice and a side of pickled radish.

For the price, it’s a good value! It was not spicy at all and the flavours were really nice!! You gotta try this for yourself! One of the best Kimchi Fried Rice I have ever had! On the downside, it is a bit oily.

Beef Broth is a bit bland, so you need to flavour it up with a bit more salt. It also has some kimchi and rice on the side. Don’t let the size of the bowl deceive you, it’s quite large.

Wang Ga Ma and E-Mo Noodle share the same kitchen and also a cashier. You order at one place and can order off both menus. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing for first-timers. Nonetheless, the prices are under $10 and you are guaranteed to get full.

E-Mo on Urbanspoon Wang Ga Ma on Urbanspoon

Zac-Zac Japanse Curry House

Hidden at the back of the food court is Zac-Zac Japanese Curry. It’s not Korean food! They have cool varieties of Curry from Chicken, to beef, to tempura…to even natto beans. Natto beans are equivalent to how some people feed about Durian. It’s fermented beans and they are either loved or hated.

I chose the Chicken Curry and it was pretty basic. It just seemed like the curry base is the same for all the dishes and then the protein in the dish changes. I’ve never been to Japan, so I’m not sure how real authentic curry should taste like. Nonetheless, the curry was good and made for a quick lunch.

ZAC.ZAC Japanese Curry House on Urbanspoon

At the first level of H-Mart, there is a cafe and you can find juices, fruits and vegetables. It’s cheap! I’ve had a few of the drinks and they aren’t bad at all…just stir it up before drinking. For less than $1, it’s so much better than plain water.

I love going to H-Mart when I need a quick and cheap lunch.

We Rate Wang Ga Ma, E-Mo Noodle, and Zac-Zac

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