Gyoza Bar + Ramen: Lunch Time Combos

Diana Chan September 29, 2014 Downtown, Japanese, Ramen, Two Beakers


Gyoza Bar + Ramen is the third restaurant created by the Aburi Restaurant, which also own upscale restaurants Miku and Minami. Seeing they have 2 killer restaurants, I really wanted to see how Gyoza Bar + Ramen could compare with the other restaurants in town. I came here with CandiedZen for some lunch.

Their signature items here are Teppan Gyoza and their Kaisen Tomato Ramen. You won’t find any sushi here.


Gyoza Bar is located in Downtown in an old heritage building and you can see the classic brick walls. You will see the mixture of old and new.


The kitchen is open concept, so you can see what they are doing. It’s cool how the staff in the kitchen all wear plaid shirts. Seems so fun and casual.


Gyoza Bar Zen ($17) comes with brown rice, house salad, kale gomae and 12 pieces of pork Teppan Gyoza. The first part of this dish is super healthy. The kale gomae is pretty good.


Teppan Gyoza uses the ancient cooking technique of using the cast iron pans. They use Fraser Valley pork inside. I had lots of hope for these gyozas but they fell a but flat. one side was a tad crispy and the other side was soft like it had been boiled. These were nothing special.


The gyozas are also served with a spicy garlic soy sauce and an umami sauce.


Umami Lunch Duo ($17) gives you a medium ramen of your choice and 7 pieces of Pork Teppan Gyoza. The Ramen ordered was the Pork Tonkotsu Broth topped with Aburi Pork Char Siu and an egg.

CandiedZen thought it was quite rich, but the over flavour fell flat as there didnt seem to be much depth to the broth.


Teppan Gyoza (7 pieces) came in a smaller iron pan. The gyozas definitely need more crunch!

Overall, I wasn’t very impressed by the meal considering it was quite expensive for lunch. I’m sure they use high quality ingredients, but the flavours and textures didn’t shine.

We Rate Gyoza Bar + Ramen

622 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC


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